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ATARA and Digital Intelligence join forces to develop a “Total Attribution Analysis Method” covering both traditional and digital media
ATARA a leading marketing technology development firm (headquarter: Yokohama, Kanagawa; CEO: Go Sugihara) and Digital Intelligence, which offers comprehensive digital consulting services (headquarter: Shibuya, Tokyo; Representative Director: Ryuji Yokoyama) have agreed to form a strategic partnership to develop a “Total Attribution Analysis Method” for evaluating the effectiveness of both digital and traditional mass media advertisements.
ATARA’s attribution analysis capabilities, combined with Digital Intelligence’s expertise in the areas of digital marketing and mass media will make it possible to offer attribution analysis that cuts across digital strategies, including the digital advertising space (such as paid search and displays ads), social media, corporate websites, CRM, etc. The companies will also jointly develop comprehensive attribution analysis methods covering total advertising campaigns, including traditional mass media advertisements.
Until recently, ads appearing in traditional newspaper, magazine, radio, and television spaces, as well as OOH advertising (out-of-home and transit ads), have proven difficult to effectively analyze and evaluate. By including these mass media in their attribution analysis scope, the firms will be able to accurately measure and assess to what extent each media contributes to a company’s marketing strategy. Advertisers will thus be able to accurately gauge the effect of their ads against their KPI metrics, leading to more effective overall management and control of ad placement.
The firms will also focus on training new talent with the skills to carry out paid search and DSP operation, web analysis and attribution management. Having specialized knowledge in a single area is no longer sufficient to help clients truly maximize and optimize their marketing strategies. The program is targeted to educate people that can effectively manage each tactics, understand and evaluate, then figure out the optimal budget allocation and implement right strategies at the right timing.
The firms also aim to analyze big data comprised of large-scale marketing data associated with client information. ATARA and Digital Intelligence will promote the next generation of marketing data analysis, bringing together vast amounts of data from advertisements, CRM, and social media, as well as customer ID and member IDs, e-mail addresses, cookies, and social accounts.
ATARA is a leader in the field of attribution analysis. Using its proprietary “Attribution Score” and “Attribution Rank” metrics, it offers attribution consulting services. The services enable clients to achieve complete optimization of their marketing campaigns while optimally allocating each budget. ATARA continues to develop new attribution analysis methods that not only digital ad data, but total ad data that includes traditional mass media platforms.
If you’d like more information about this topic, please contact Yuichi Arizono in Sales at sales@atara.co.jp or Shoko Naoi in PR at pr@atara.co.jp






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