Supporting business in Japan for Digital Marketing Companies

For digital marketing companies considering to enter into the Japan market, it can be difficult at times to understand the complexities of the market dynamics and how to manage it with success.

We at ATARA offer various service to help you learn about the overall opportunities, set up your local team in place and find the optimal clients and partners.

Our Services

Japan Internet Ads Market Research

– What is the total market size?

– Where does the opportunity exist?

Based on the vast experiences that we have in the Japan ads market, we provide you with market sizing, segmentation, major and upcoming players, positioning and opportunities.

Market Entry Strategy Planning and Matchmaking

– How do we penetrate the major agencies?

– What kind of marketing strategy is effective in Japan?

Often times, market entry strategy is two-fold. Direct and through agencies. We offer strategies that is right for you and also provide you with agency match-making and marketing activities.

Talent Finder and Rep Speaker

– It is hard to find good people in Japan.

– Can anyone speak about our products/services on behalf locally?

Our vast network within the Japanese market allows us to find you the optimal candidate to steer your team in Japan. Also, our English-speaking marketing expert will act as your temporary “Rep Speaker” until you fully commit to setting up a local team or until you find your team members.
Please contact us at for inquiries regarding this service.